How to Increase Your Homes Value, and Savings, with Your Front Door

Exterior Doors

How to Increase Your Homes Value, and Savings, with Your Front Door

Your home’s front door plays a more significant role in your finances than you might have thought. There are two ways your front doors can boost your finances, and it can help increase the value of your home and also help you save on a monthly basis. Specifically, the colour of your door is one of the main factors that boost your home’s value. Zillow has taken a series of approximately 13,000 homes sold to determine the relation between colour and value. The study showed that houses painted charcoal grey or black increased a home’s value by roughly $6,000. If you’re looking to improve your savings, your home’s exterior doors also play a significant role. The material used for doors help with insulation and prevents unwanted heat exchange, along with air temperature leak from home.

There are common materials used for doors which promote energy efficiency while keeping the aesthetics in mind, which include:

Fiberglass Exterior Doors

Fibreglass doors are a great choice compared to wooden doors, as it offers up to 4 times the insulation. They are also highly resistant which leads to minimizing heat loss.

Vinyl Doors

The significant aspect about vinyl doors is their ability to provide good thermal insulation, which assists in blocking both external heat and cold air from entering your home. Another added benefit of vinyl doors is their low maintenance.

Steel Doors

Steel doors are relatively inexpensive compared to fibreglass and wooden doors. It also offers security and is weather resistant. It is essential to keep in mind, however, that Steel doors are harder to fix if dents, scratches, and rust may arise if they are not appropriately painted.

Of course, front doors are not the only source of focus for energy efficiency, patio doors are another source you need to consider. Sliding patio doors are very common in Canada and can be energy efficient. If you sliding patio doors are in fairly good condition, you can reduce the risk of air leakage by replacing the door’s gaskets, hardware, and weatherstripping. Weather stripping can play a large role in making your home feel warmer during the winter while helping you save approximately 10%-15% on your energy bills if the correct type of weatherstripping is used.

Additionally, if you do decide to get glass placed on your front door, keep in mind that energy efficient options are available as well. Choosing the right material for your front doors, patios doors and windows can all attribute to energy efficiency and reduced costs. Decisions such as materials and what would serve best for your home, so it is always recommended to get the advice of an expert, before spending money without seeing the benefits.