7 Home Renovations that Increase Resale Value

Interior and Exterior Home Renovations

7 Home Renovations that Increase Resale Value

Staging a home for the real estate market is a tough job. You can’t think about selling the house quickly and in the same condition that it is in now. If you do, you’ll need to wait for someone that really likes your home. To sell a home, you need to stay on top of the list of anyone who’s looking for homes. Your property should be in the condition to be displayed to buyers with a good budget. No one wants to sell their property for a lower cost than what they paid for it. Therefore, your house should look elegant and comfy at the time of staging. You can’t sell a home for your price if it looks dilapidated. So you need to prime the look and functionality of the house. For this purpose, you may need to begin with interior and exterior home renovations.

Here are some renovation ideas to increase the resale value of your property.

1. Increase Space and Light

Closed and dark areas in your house can be a problem for you, as no one would like to buy a home that looks damp and gloomy. Natural lighting and open spaces in the house make the house look fresh and spacious. Whoever wants to buy your home will look for space because they are going to decorate the space with furniture and other things they bring with them. Use the area of your home that receives the most natural light and then turns it into an open space with minimal furniture display. Let the future homeowner decide what to do with space. Add lighting to spaces that don’t receive enough sunlight. Try to make your home as bright as possible. Drop some walls and you can connect adjoining rooms to make space out of little rooms.

2. Create a Home Office

Work from home is the new trend. Even if you don’t have a home office, the buyers may have an expectation. Having a home office allows the buyers to have separate space for keeping up with their professional life. Many people who buy new houses already have ideas about turning a room into an office space. And when you provide a readymade home office with a study table with chairs and office lightings like desk lamps and ambient lighting, it effectively increases the value of your home.

3. Increase the Curb Appeal

The curb appeal of the home is the first impression your home puts on the potential buyer. When the buyer looks at your home for the first time, the home should look like a fascinating work of art. To increase the curb appeal of your home, try making it look as beautiful on the outside as it is comfortable on the inside. Exterior home renovations are necessary to make a lasting impression on the buyers’ minds. Changing the paint on the outside and inside walls, cleaning and painting the roof or turning the lawn into a garden area can increase the curb appeal of your home and attract potential buyers.

4. Consider Adding a Deck

A deck is something which adds more accessibility options to the house. If you have a deck, well and good. If not, then you should check if you have extra cash in your renovation budget and consider adding one. You can add an attached deck which connects the outer doors of an L-shaped house or a detached deck which provides an outdoor living area where you can entertain guests. This will give the buyer another reason to buy your house and you will get more returns because of your exterior home renovation.

5. Increase Your Energy Efficiency

Anyone who is about to buy a new home would possibly opt for a mortgage. In such conditions, anyone would like to get a cut in their energy bills. Energy efficiency increases with insulation. Insulating your house means lesser leakage of heating and air conditioning. Insulate your home by getting hardwood flooring. You can also repair your roofing and add fibreglass insulation and cellulose insulation to trap the heat during winters. Increased insulation means decreased carbon footprint and an eco-friendly home. Making your house energy efficient will give the buyer another good reason to get your home for themselves.

6. Renovate Your Windows

Windows are one of the first things that a potential buyer notices when they first look at your house. Beautiful windows add to the look and curb appeal of the home. Make sure you repair or replace obsolete windows during exterior home renovations. Better window fittings can provide better insulation. Add window siding to the exteriors so your windows look better from the outside. Remember to match the look of your windows to the look of your house. Don’t try to add a luxury style window to a mid-range home as it will make them look out of place and you may not reap any extra profit on the investment.

7. Upgrade Your Kitchen

Kitchen remodelling can upgrade the look and value of a home. When you upgrade your kitchen, the value of your house increases sharply. This is because the kitchen is a very important part of a house. According to your budget, you can choose to add granite or marble countertops instead of concrete or clay tiles. This will add value to both the kitchen and the house. Replace any outdated appliances and make sure the kitchen is tidy and has an innovative storage space. The upgraded and neat look of the kitchen will make sure the observer admires what they see.

Home renovation is never a piece of cake. We can help put home back in shape and make sure it stays in the finest condition and appearance. To get an exterior home renovation in Edmonton, contact us and let us know your preferences.